Saturday, June 19, 2010

Running an Illusion

I enjoy using photoshop to past people into pictures in funny or symbolic ways.  In this picture, I just thought it would be funny and interesting to be running from something scary.  I considered zombies, and still haven't ruled that out for the future, but for now this rhino shot seems nearly perfect (and fun).

Awhile later, I realized that the rhino could also symbolize something.  What's that, you ask?  It's simple.  What could be better MOTIVATION than being chased by a rhino.

I've used this for a profile picture on some other websites, and apparently it's good enough to fool some people for a little while, but I always try to be up-front about it and let people know it's just a product of playing with photoshop.

This desert running image is another one I've used as a profile picture, and it seems to fool even more people.  One guy said he assumed I was one of the guys who had run across the Sahara or something.  Of course, I had to admit that I was not.  Hell, I don't even like to run when it's warmer than 75° F outside.  Too hot for this ginger, man!

Every once in awhile I also doctor some images of friends.  I've added bottles of beer to one friend's hands in a running picture (a beer run, get it?  ha), and I've added another friend running on the surface of the moon, with what appears to be a surprised astronaut looking on.

It's all in good fun, and helps make running a little more interesting.

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