Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Who am I?! Why am I here?!

I am a scientist and a fitness enthusiast. As a scientist, animal physiology is among my specialties, and I have studied locomotion and conducted research on physiological responses to exercise in small mammals. This has given me a solid technical background in exercise physiology, energetics, and somewhat in biomechanics (one of my great interests nowadays). I plan to put all (or most) of that stuff aside for the purposes of this blog, and focus more on the fitness enthusiast in me. As a fitness enthusiast, I am primarily interested in running. My technical posts will continue to be housed at my main blog/website, Be Fit Now, while the FoCo Runner blog (this one) will be where I write about other more personal stuff about my running experiences. I hope to have a little fun with this, if I can.

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