Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mother Nature is a Sadist!

Mother Nature is a Sadist, and here is my proof. First, it's very windy/gusty in FoCo today. Drove to Fossil Creek Park thinking I would maybe do some 400 intervals. When I got out of the car, my hat blew off, so my first interval was chasing it down. Next, fighting the wind over half of my warmup run, I passed by a clump of willows by one of the ponds during a lull, and just as I passed, a huge gust of wind caught the willows and whipped them hard into my face and upper body.

I also felt kind of 'off' after my warmup mile. I had the sense that I might throw up if I ran harder, and my calves were feeling strange. So, I decided to call this a recovery run after yesterday's moderate/fast 8 miler, and maybe add a couple of Fartleks up the grassy knoll (no, not The Grassy Knoll, but another one).

So, I ran 5K overall with a couple of sprints up the knoll, felt like I might want to puke a couple of times, then ran one more perimeter of the park. Having completely forgotten about the willows, when I passed them again a gust of wind came and I got whipped AGAIN! Just not the experience I was looking for this morning. But still, not quite a disaster.

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