Monday, July 19, 2010

LSD is not a drug to runners, or is it?

The phrase "doing LSD" means something different to me these days than it did when I was half my current age. Back then, doing LSD involved elicit drugs, while nowadays it involves running long distances at a slow/easy pace. The goals of these two activities are obviously quite different, and I'm happy about that. If I ever hallucinate from and LSD (Long Slow Distance) run, I'll know I've got problems!

I bring this up because yesterday I did my longest LSD run to date-18.4 miles. For me, that was kind of a big deal, so I was also happy to note that I did it at a pace that I couldn't possibly have managed if I had tried to push myself to 18 miles a few months ago. That's progress. I had been kind of addicted to running 5K races for the first half of the year, so my training had been focused on that, but after my last one I decided to take time out from the middle distance race training to work on my aerobic base, and as an incentive I registered for a half marathon for later in the summer.

So, I've taken to 'doing LSD' now. The running kind of course, as the elicit drug would most likely not help me run a 13.1 miles. My strategy is to regularly run distances longer than 13.1 miles, so that the half marathon seems like another day at the office when race day arrives. If I can't finish, I don't want it to be because my endurance wasn't up to snuff. Well, I don't want it to "be" at all. I want to finish, and do so with what I think is a pretty decent time! But, IF I have to walk, let it be because I made the mistake of trying to run too fast rather than because I didn't have the necessary endurance.

So, I'm doing LSD on a weekly basis now, and while I don't hallucinate from it, it does result in some pretty good feelings. So, in a sense, perhaps LSD is kind of like a drug to runners? If so, I hope it does more good than harm.

Happy Runnning!

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