Friday, August 27, 2010

Patience. A virtue? I wouldn't know

I have tried to be patient while my knee recovers from whatever it is I did to it in the weeks leading up to and during the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon. Just to recap (skip the rest of the paragraph if you already know), I started having some pain around my kneecap, did some exercises, and found that the pain was alleviated, but then I had a new pain, in a new location toward the inside of my knee, but it seemed to occur only late in my runs, and I could run through it, and then be fully recovered by the next day. So, I slowed down on my training and took extra time off between runs leading up to the race. In the race, the pain returned once again and suddenly became excruciating at the beginning of the 13th mile.

The physician didn't seem to think it was anything that would require surgery, and suggested I take a week or two off, bicycle when I felt ready for it, and then I could start running again after 7-10 days. Today is 13 days, and the knee felt pretty good, so I went out for a test run this morning. I planned to run only a half mile (one lap around my block, which was easy enough. The knee did ok, but then before the half marathon it was always ok for the first few miles, so I'm still not confident I'm ready to roll.  So, I've decided to run this test again after a couple more days rest, after cycling some more in the meantime to keep my condition up.

Next test is Monday, but I am more than ready to have this recovery behind me. I had big plans for races this fall, and I've had to give up on one race, and now I'm questionable for another half marathon during September. Not happy about all this.

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