Saturday, October 30, 2010

The underemployed runner: will (sort of) coach for beer

Being underemployed can do wonders for one's running, I've discovered. It's not fun not having enough work, but it sure free's up time to getin shape, and the exercise can help avoid some of the psychological pitfalls along the way.

Ironically, I started exercising a lot early in 2009 in anticipation of the physically demanding fieldwork I expected I would be busy with during the summer that year. The work never materialized, but since I had already started getting in shape, I stuck with it and fueled my new fitness habit with an unfortunate abundance of free time.

My work load decreased enough that I began to ponder changing careers, and doing something in the fitness field. In fact, I'm still interested in doing that, although I can't see giving up what's left of my day job  just yet! Some type of coaching appeals to me. I think I can help people, particularly with respect to things I know something about, like running form, understanding training methods, controlling weight in a healthy way, staying motivated, etc...

These things all relate to things I am personally interested in, and which relate to the things I studied in college in graduate school in biology and physiology, so I feel comfortable with them. I can understand the physiology behind the training methods, and I've had a lot more practical experience with them now, as I self-coach, and help others with their training where I can.

I'm not a genius coach, and I'm getting too late a start to ever become the kind who can brag about all the elite athletes I've worked with, but I can help normal people run better. That's what I'd like to do more of. I guess it's less that I like the idea of fully coaching others. I'd rather help them instead equip themselves with the basic knowledge needed to self-coach, although I'm happy to try and help with motivation and mental blocks as well. I've got plenty of personal experience with those. That's for sure.

Happy Running, everyone!

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