Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First Marathon: Colorado Marathon 2011 here I come

What’s all the hubbub about, bub? Well ok, so most of the hubbub is in my head. What’s it all about you ask? Well ok, so I’m the one that’s asking for you… Anyway, here’s the deal. I’m registered for my first marathon. Which marathon, you ask? Ok, so that’s me asking again, but the answer is (drum roll please…), The Colorado Marathon 2011! Yay!

When I started running again in 2009, I had no plans to run a marathon. I was running mainly for fitness and to improve my cycling. In fact, I only planned to run at most a couple of times a week, and maybe do a few 5K and 10K races now and then. It only took the first 5K race to get me hooked, though, and soon I had gone from primarily cycling to primarily running, and now in a little more than a year’s time I’ve run 15 races ranging from 5K to half marathon (13.1 mile) distances and my speed and endurance has steadily improved. So, sometime during the second half of 2010, I decided it was time to shoot for 26.2, if only to see what I can do.

Over the coming few months, through The Colorado Marathon on May 1, I’ll probably have a few things to blog about, including reflections on training, support and motivation, that sort of thing. I’ll also be running some shorter races along the way to provide some basis for goals/predictions for race day. Of course, I assume this is all more interesting and exciting for me than it will be for the vast majority of potential readers in cyberspace, but what the hell… Maybe it will prove to be more interesting than I think.

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