Tuesday, January 4, 2011

An inauspicious start

So, I tried to jump on a Pfitzinger 55-70 marathon training plan at the end of week one for a May 1 race. I made a nifty electronic bookmark on the plan in the Kindle version of Advanced Marathoning (Pfitzinger/Douglas), and I was ready to jump on board. And that's just what I did.

On Jarnuay 1, I participated in a 5K race. It was tough because 2 miles of it were on slippery packed snow (Can you say, "no friggen traction..." Great, I knew you could), but by the morning of the second (Sunday), I felt pretty good, and decided to go ahead and jump on the training schedule with the long run at the en dof week one. I didn't think much about it being 17 miles. I just did it. It was another day of unsure footing and crappy traction along many of the roads and sidewalks, but I got it done without too much wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth.

Then, Monday I had a library book to pick up and the bookmarked schedule called for a 6 mile recovery run. I didn't think much of that either. I was a bit sore from the 20 miles of running with lots of slick surfaces, but I knew I could run 6 miles at a snails pace. I ran to the library (conveniently 3 miles away from home), picked up my book, and ran back home.

Then, Today (Tuesday), I woke up just as sore as yesterday, thinking the soreness should be starting to fade by now. Then I went down and looked at my schedule to verify my run for the day. It said 8 mile General Aerobic run, with 10 X 100 m strides.  I thought, well, I can probably do that, but then I scrolled down to see the rest of the week and saw the mileage total for the week. It didn't seem right. It was high.

So, I backed up to a previous page in the text and realized I had bookmarked THE WRONG PLAN! I had bookmarked the 70-85 mile/week plan (ouch), instead of the 55-70 mile/week plan I had intended! When I corrected my bookmarking mistake, I noticed that I should have run only 15 miles on Sunday, and rested entirely on Monday, which would have been perfect considering the soreness. So, I've only just begun training for my first marathon and I've already mistakenly screwed up the first few days of the plan (and I thought I was doing so well).

In any case, I decided to skip the General Aerobic run for today, and consider moving the set of strides to a recovery run day later this week. Today will be the rest day I should have had yesterday, and my legs are thankful for that, because tomorrow there is a 12 miles Medium-Long run on the schedule.

I'm glad I caught my mistake in the first few days, so I can get back on track and try to stick to the correct schedule for the rest of the cycle. I think the higher mileage plan could have resulted in some problems in short order.

Sheesh! Nothing is as easy at it looks.

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