Friday, January 14, 2011

What's in a name?

On the internet, people often choose to use pseudonyms, or "handles," a term that originated in CB and/or amateur radio, I believe. There are often reasons that people choose the particular handle they choose. Some people like their handle to have some kind of 'deeper' meaning, and others just want something original.

I Chose to call myself FoCo Runner for the purposes of this blog, and on Twitter as well. The obvious reason for this is that I live in Fort Collins (FoCo), Colorado.  Fort Collins is a town in the Northern part of the Colorado Front Range area that is usually just called Northen Colorado (NoCo).  So, in any case, I thought about calling myself NoCo runner, but once I realized that foco is spanish for "focus," FoCo seemed like the logical choice, because I also practice meditation and like to focus my attention on different parts of my body as I run.  Plus, the focus of the blog is running...  So, FoCo Runner.

Ok, maybe not very exciting, but I liked it, and now it's out there.


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