Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dailymile Team 2011!

During approximately one week in early February, the members of the dailymile community cast up to five votes each (those who voted at least), for a subset of 83 (I think) candidates who submitted video applications to become part of the Dailymile Team. The votes were tallied, and I am pleased that I was among the 30 top vote getters, and so I will be participating in community-building as a member of the dailymile team. I'll also likely contribute in other ways, if I'm allowed. I'm just very pleased to be able to give back something extra to an online community that helped sustain my health and fitness through motivating comments and inspirational stories, and by making me accountable to myself and in a small way to the many friends I've found through the sites unique blend of social networking and fitness journaling.

Come see what I'm talking about. Join dailymile today and start logging your workouts. Before you know it, you'll begin receiving motivational and supportive comments from a range of people you'll quickly come to appreciate. You have to find the motivation within yourself to get out and do your workouts each day, but it's sure a lot easier when you have the support of so many.


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