Friday, February 4, 2011

Dailymiler of the week

I was flattered to be selected as this week's Dailymiler of the week for the dailymile online community. It was fun to anticipate the questions and then sit down and think about the answers, and fun to see the general vibe of support from other community members. I know there are a lot of others out there who are worthy of the honor, and I am fortunate to have been selected this time. I'm looking forward to finding out who's next. Looking for the Dailymiler of the week post every week is a great new way to find another potential friend to network with.

A couple of side notes about this week. After putting nearly 700 miles now on my first pair of Saucony ProGrid Kivara shoes, I've finally ordered another pair. The shoes have been great for me, so I'm sticking with the model for now. I'm also working on getting a pair of GoLite Flash Lite shoes for trail running. These latter shoes are of interest to me because they are one of just a handful of zero-drop (no difference in heel and forefoot thickness) running shoes currently available, and because I wore out my last pair of trail runners a loooong time ago, and it's about time I got back into some and hit the trails for some longer runs than my Saucony Kilkenny XC flats are comfortable for!

Plus, the GoLite shoes will give me a chance to finally review another pair of shoes for the blog...  Bonus...

That's not all of the fun news from this week, however. I also submitted an application to become a member of the dailymile team earlier today. The application consistent of a short written description and a video. I've had a lot of fun with dailymile and feel I've gotten a lot out of being involved in the dailymile community, so hopefully, I'll get enough votes to make the team.  Voting runs from February 8-15, and I'll know if I made the team sometime on February 16.

... AND, after having picked up loads of blueberries at an awesome price last week, I have enough blueberries now to enjoy scones and muffins and all sorts of blueberry superfood goodness for the next week or so.  :)  Good stuff.

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