Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dailymile Team: Early Experiences - Patience is a Virtue

Well, it's only been a couple of weeks since my activities as a member of the dailymile team started in earnest, and I'll admit to being perhaps a little overly excited about the many opportunities team membership provides to give a little extra back to the the community at large. This time around, there are some seasoned team veterans, and a whole passle of us newbies who I think are just starting to realize two things...

1) There is a lot to do.

2) It doesn't all have to be done RIGHT NOW!  :)

We're all excited at how many things we can pursue to help develop the dailymile community, or contribute to the dailymile blog, so we're going nuts communicating our ideas with one another. It's really cool to see it all, but daunting to realize that the volume of ideas will require that some semblance of organization, if they are ever to come to fruition.

My own sense of urgency in getting things done early and quickly is due to what I perceive as a limited window of opportunity. I have spent much of the last year with little to do. My efforts to find work for my business were largely fruitless, and I hadn't been successful at landing a "real" job, either. I had become very active in the dailymile community during that time, which I think really saved me from a lot of mental anguish, but last week, I started a new job and much of my time went away. Then, I got a second job that was a better opportunity, so I left the first rather than waste their time and mine on training I would never use, and now I have a couple of weeks before training begins for my second job. Pretty crazy, right?

Well, in any case, part of me feels like I need to make a lot of contributions to dailymile in the next two weeks, because I may not have a lot of time/energy to do it after I start working again in two weeks. It's cool to feel so inspired to contribute to the dailymile community, but seriously... I need to take a chill pill. No doubt about it.

I'll have the time, because my involvement with dailymile is that important to me. No need to make it a source of pressure or stress. I'll be taking a little extra time for meditation over the next couple of weeks I think, and I'm sure among the things that pop into my mind while I'm doing so, will be the concept of patience, which they say is a virtue.

Of course, it may be a virtue and I wouldn't know it, because I have little experience with patience. :)

Cheers all.

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