Sunday, April 24, 2011

Racing plans in flux

My racing plans are in flux still. I would already have run two-three races, and would be preparing for the Colorado Marathon if not for the nagging tendinitis. I'm able to run now, but my endurance isn't up the snuff. Speed is coming back though, so I intend to run an upcoming 5K race to see where I'm at.  If the tendinitis doesn't let me get the marathon goal done, at least I can do some more work on the sub-20-min 5K goal.

So, that status of the whole tendinitis deal changes all the time, it seems. Some days I feel great, some days not so much. It's not an issue with intense pain that forces me to struggle and limp home anymore, which is good. Unfortunately, as my posterior tibialis issues are gradually resolving, I had a brief issue with some peroneal tendon and muscle on the outside of my ankle (which resolved fairly quickly), and more recently some burning at the back of my heel indicates some possible achilles tendinitis or bursitis my have set in there. For the most part this hasn't bothered my while running, but I do not intend to give it a stress test with a long hard run.

So, for now I'm sticking with fairly easy aerobic runs of 5 miles, and keeping higher-intensity runs much shorter. So far, it's worked out all right. I also take 1-3 days off between runs, which also seems to help.

I'm hopeful that with care I can get to running more consistently again in the near future, without over-stressing anything in my lower leg/ankle area.

Until I can get this sorted, all of my racing plans will remain in flux. I'll just have to make some judgements, and will likely stick to smaller races for most of this year, until I'm confident I've overcome the tendinitis issues.

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