Saturday, May 14, 2011

A different kind of balance

At the beginning of February, I strained my tibialis posterior muscle, and developed a chronic tendinitis in the associated tendon. Since then, my running has dropped to barely tolerable levels, and the cycling I thought I could do to maintain condition has turned out to be too much for my tendinitis as well. As I was healing, I started a new job, and because I expected my tendinitis to subside, I assumed my biggest challenge would be the work/life balance thing. I was wrong.

My biggest problem has turned out to be the tendinitis. I have ample opportunities in my week to run or cycle, but the tendinitis just does not allow me to take advantage of them. I take extended periods off, until everything feels normal again, and then longer still. Each time I begin to run and cycle a little bit at a time to ease back into things, I only make a few workouts at best before I began to become aware of the tendinitis again, despite taking 1-3 days off between easy workouts.

I've heard of people struggling with posterior tibialis or achilles issues for months and months, often despite seeking every kind of treatment possible. I've sought treatment myself, and have adopted some of the best-supported (by research) rehab exercises. I can't say it's clear they are helping given that it has been three and half months since I was able to run comfortably.

I haven't had a work-life balance struggle to contend with. It's been more of a struggle against my injury to maintain my condition. The most difficult part is not having the series of races to benchmark my condition and provide motivation to train. Indeed, all I can seem to find is the punishment of pain from the tendinitis each time I try to start training regularly.

So, I haven't been posting much here, because I haven't been doing much running, and this injury has been a much larger setback than I ever imagined, despite my efforts to take it easy and completely heal. Tomorrow, assuming the weather is suitable (want to set my first run in awhile to be as comfortable as possible), I'll be trying a test run of 2 miles at an easy pace. If the trails are in good condition, it will be a trail run. I'm hoping for the best.

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