Sunday, June 12, 2011

KT Tape Prototype Test & Review

I've used KT Tape for a range of strains and tendinitis pains over the last two years. Although finding the right taping strategy can involved some trial-and-error, I've always been impressed with how just a little elastic tape stuck on the stick 'just so' can help just enough to keep you going when your muscles, tendons, and joints could use a little extra support. If you have an acute tear or severe strain, or other debilitating injury, rest and other forms of treatment are still your best options, but if you have a a mild strain or the beginnings of tendinitis, KT Tape can help you keep working out at some level while healing and avoiding catastrophe--at least, that's been my experience. Your mileage may vary.

I recently had the opportunity to try out a new KT Tape prototype--a pre-release version/update of the tape that is not yet on the market. I had been having some issues recently with KT tape failing to stick as well as I would like, and I was assured that the new prototype "sticks like a mother." I decided I just had to put that claim to the test. 

I received 6 strips of beige colored prototype tape from the KT Tape representative, after expressing my recent frustrations over their tape not sticking well recently. I also received some links to some alternate taping methods for my particular problem (tibialis posterior tendinitis/posterior shin splits), and a link to the KT Tape best practices, in case there were some other things I could try to get better results with the regular tape. Since I already follow their best practices, it was down to the tape, which didn't appear at all different from the beige colored KT Tape I picked up at my local Sporting Goods store.

The prototype tape indeed stuck much better than their regular tape has been sticking. In the past, I had remarked on how well KT Tape stuck, so I have been surprised recently that their regular tape seemed not to be performing as well. If the prototype KT Tape I tried is an indication of what kind of adherence I can expect from KT Tape in the future, I will be a happy camper.

NOTE: Since my small supply of the prototype tape ran out yesterday, I taped up with regular KT Tape today and found that once again, both strips I had applied had come loose at some point during a 25 mile bike ride. It still stayed on well enough to do the trick, because it was held in place by my sock/shoe, but I'd  like to see a return to the days when every application of KT Tape stuck from end to end for two or more workouts. If the prototype tape is a good indication, I'll get my wish.  (Note to KT Tape: Please bring this stuff to market soon; marked improvement in adhesion).  

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