Sunday, July 31, 2011

The End of July Streak 2011

Today I completed the last run in my July Streak. Haven't blogged much about the streak. Had a couple of goals early on, and they evolved somewhat as the streak continued. For one, I wanted to run at least 5K (3.11 miles) daily. As time went on, I realized my average was edging up to around 5 miles/day, so I decided to add the goal of averaging 5 miles for the streak, but decided to limit the streak to just the Month of July (and the last day of June, when I started it). So, 32 days of running as of today.

Minimum of 3.11 miles per day. Average pace estimated at around 7:50-7:54, in the end. 154 miles during July, 162 miles overall during the streak. Not too shabby.

So, will I do it again? Probably, but not right away. What I plan to do now is take a couple of days off to fully rest and recover, and also to start thinking about what races I might want to run as the summer winds down. I had planned to try and run a marathon this year, but four months of tibialis posterior tendinitis set me back more than I had hoped, so I've decided to focus on improving my speed and times on shorter races, perhaps finally managing a sub-20 minute 5K. Stay tuned on that one.

The streak should have helped somewhat with my aerobic base, but I didn't have any runs of over an hour during the streak, so I should embark on some longer runs during the month of August, as I also pursue tempo runs, some speed work, and some hill repeats.

I'll miss streaking, but it's really time to move on.

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