Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm streaking

Will Farrell in the movie Old School
Just a couple of months back, I had sort of a non-running streak going. At the time, I was recovering from some tendinitis in my tibialis posterior tendon that followed a strain in the attached muscle. Recovery took a long time, and just when it was going well, I had a little setback, and had to take a little more time off. The setback wasn't a big re-injury or anything like that. It was more like a slight increase in the slight ache that had been gradually fading as I started to run again. After that two weeks off, I was able to start regular running again and haven't really looked back.

Sure I'm still keeping my mileage down, but I've had some decent runs and even threw in a 10 miler one fair day. Not bad. Regular pain-free running was what I had been looking forward to for four months, so I was quite happy. So, lately I've been streaking.

Oh, not the take your clothes off and run around kind of streaking. I've been doing the run everyday kind of streaking. When I came back from a vacation to the Midwest, where I put in a series of really strong runs, I took a few days off, then went back at it. Each morning, I woke up and felt great, so I would just head out again, and quickly decided to keep it up until the first sign of a problem. As I write this, I'm at 10 straight days of running at least one 5K (3.11 mile) and things are still going well (knock on wood).

So, what's this streak about? I guess it's sort of a celebration of simply being able to run. How long will it go? Until I've had enough of it.

That's all there is to it, really.

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