Sunday, June 12, 2011

KT Tape Prototype Test & Review

I've used KT Tape for a range of strains and tendinitis pains over the last two years. Although finding the right taping strategy can involved some trial-and-error, I've always been impressed with how just a little elastic tape stuck on the stick 'just so' can help just enough to keep you going when your muscles, tendons, and joints could use a little extra support. If you have an acute tear or severe strain, or other debilitating injury, rest and other forms of treatment are still your best options, but if you have a a mild strain or the beginnings of tendinitis, KT Tape can help you keep working out at some level while healing and avoiding catastrophe--at least, that's been my experience. Your mileage may vary.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Report: 2011 Houska Houska 5K

Last Monday (Memorial Day 2011), I was able to participate in my first running event since January 1. With some tendinitis I've had some trouble with for the past several months cooperating for the time being, I signed up for the Houska Houska 5K. The event is hosted by Houska Automotive a locally-owned and family operated automotive shop in Fort Collins, Colorado. I'm guessing the double name is a play on the Bolder Boulder, which is held in Boulder on the same day. There are some similarities between the two events; both involve running and people wearing outrageous costumes, both are popular amongst the locals....  And well, the similarities end there.

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