Sunday, July 31, 2011

The End of July Streak 2011

Today I completed the last run in my July Streak. Haven't blogged much about the streak. Had a couple of goals early on, and they evolved somewhat as the streak continued. For one, I wanted to run at least 5K (3.11 miles) daily. As time went on, I realized my average was edging up to around 5 miles/day, so I decided to add the goal of averaging 5 miles for the streak, but decided to limit the streak to just the Month of July (and the last day of June, when I started it). So, 32 days of running as of today.

Minimum of 3.11 miles per day. Average pace estimated at around 7:50-7:54, in the end. 154 miles during July, 162 miles overall during the streak. Not too shabby.

So, will I do it again? Probably, but not right away. What I plan to do now is take a couple of days off to fully rest and recover, and also to start thinking about what races I might want to run as the summer winds down. I had planned to try and run a marathon this year, but four months of tibialis posterior tendinitis set me back more than I had hoped, so I've decided to focus on improving my speed and times on shorter races, perhaps finally managing a sub-20 minute 5K. Stay tuned on that one.

The streak should have helped somewhat with my aerobic base, but I didn't have any runs of over an hour during the streak, so I should embark on some longer runs during the month of August, as I also pursue tempo runs, some speed work, and some hill repeats.

I'll miss streaking, but it's really time to move on.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Review: Mission Skincare Rejuvenating Face Moisturizer

The problem
In short, the problem is me. I freely admit that I am a flaky pastry. I work out a lot, and I shower a lot, and all that showering leads to dry skin--particularly in Colorado's dry climate. My face seems to suffer the most from this, so I am always looking for a good moisturizing lotion for my face that will produce some good, long-lasting results, and not feel like I've spread petroleum jelly all over my face for the rest of the day.

Over the years, finding a good moisturizing lotion has proven to be rather hit and miss prospect. I find one that seems to work well, but within a few months, it's no longer on the market, and it's replaced by some supposedly improved product that just doesn't work as well. When I was younger, I was always frustrated by lotions that remained oily/greasy all day, so the advent of "dry touch" or "non-oily" moisturizers seemed like a good thing at first. I quickly learned however that too often these phrases mean that the lotion only moisturizes for the time required for them to "dry" on your skin, and then you're back to where you started, or worse.

I've managed to find a couple of lotions recently that seemed to fit the bill, but being fair skinned, another thing I look for is good sunscreen and preferably something without a lot of extra scents. Neutrogena has a men's face moisturizing lotion in their shaving product line that works very well, and is SPF 20. That's good, except that it has sort of a cologne-type fragrance... Maybe like  touch of aftershave or something. Not too strong, but not something I necessarily want on my face all the time. Aveeno had a product I liked, but it now appears to be unavailable.

The Solution? Perhaps. Read on...
Enter Mission Skincare, a company whose products boast the claim of being "used and field tested by the world's top athletes." So, I guess this means that I'm supposed to trust that their products are more than good enough to meet my standards, if they are good enough for world-class athletes, right? Well, not so fast, I say! But, before almost before I got those words out of my mouth, I was given the opportunity to try out their Mission Skincare's Rejuvenating Face Moisturizer, so I had nothing to lose in giving Mission Skincare a shot.

At first, I thought the tube was kind of small for the roughly $10 price tag, but honestly it's 2.0 oz. whereas the Neutrogena stuff I mentioned above comes in a 1.7 oz. tube for roughly the same price, and the 2 oz. actually goes a long way. Mission goes on smooth and spreads easily, and most importantly, it moisturizes pretty much all day. It does have a light citrus scent, but it's less noticeable than the aftershave type of scent from the similar Neutrogena lotion. Another bonus is that the Mission product is 30 SPF; better sun protection than the Neutrogena product.

I was able to put my first tube of Mission Skincare's Rejuvenating Moisturizer to the test in both dry Colorado, and humid Chicago and Wisconsin, and I was impressed. Often, humid climates bring out the worst in moisturizers. Your sweat doesn't evaporate, and mixes with the lotion and things just begin to go awry. Burning lotion in the eyes or skin irritations occur, or a greasy feel takes hold. The Mission product seemed to hold up well in both types of climates. Yes, I got a little discomfort in an eye when I was sweating once or twice, but not too bad really.

I've just ordered two more tubes from Mission Skincare. Now I hope they don't change the formula or discontinue the product. If they wanted to make an unscented version, I wouldn't complain, but from my perspective, this Rejuvenating Moisturizer was just what I was looking for to alleviate my persistent case of flaky pastry syndrome. In my opinion, this is good stuff.

Two interesting points about Mission Skincare are: 1) the company was cofounded by a number of world-class athletes, among others, and a major part of their mission is to produce products that perform well for active people, and 2) the company is committed to supporting a number of charities sponsored by their founders, and others. Learn more about Mission Skincare by visiting their website.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm streaking

Will Farrell in the movie Old School
Just a couple of months back, I had sort of a non-running streak going. At the time, I was recovering from some tendinitis in my tibialis posterior tendon that followed a strain in the attached muscle. Recovery took a long time, and just when it was going well, I had a little setback, and had to take a little more time off. The setback wasn't a big re-injury or anything like that. It was more like a slight increase in the slight ache that had been gradually fading as I started to run again. After that two weeks off, I was able to start regular running again and haven't really looked back.

Sure I'm still keeping my mileage down, but I've had some decent runs and even threw in a 10 miler one fair day. Not bad. Regular pain-free running was what I had been looking forward to for four months, so I was quite happy. So, lately I've been streaking.

Oh, not the take your clothes off and run around kind of streaking. I've been doing the run everyday kind of streaking. When I came back from a vacation to the Midwest, where I put in a series of really strong runs, I took a few days off, then went back at it. Each morning, I woke up and felt great, so I would just head out again, and quickly decided to keep it up until the first sign of a problem. As I write this, I'm at 10 straight days of running at least one 5K (3.11 mile) and things are still going well (knock on wood).

So, what's this streak about? I guess it's sort of a celebration of simply being able to run. How long will it go? Until I've had enough of it.

That's all there is to it, really.

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