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This is a list of the best running blogs I am aware of. I'm sure there are many more that I am not aware of. You are free to bring those to my attention if you wish, and if I like them I'll add them to this list. There are plenty of blogs that offer technical information and product reviews, and I think quite a few of those are good, but I'm hoping to find well-written blogs that are more personal in nature, as well, and some with runner reviews of races in the Rocky Mountain Region. I'm going to be a little picky because I want to keep this list to no more than 10-20.

I list these in the order I added them to the list, no special rank order here.

Rocky Mountain Dirt Running - Some equipment reviews, but by far and away the best part of Nick Clark's blog are the event recaps, written as if they're from the guy next door...  Who happens to be an elite ultra runner.  Hell yeah... Feels good...

Runblogger - Shoe reviews, well-written nontechnical and semi-technical articles on running form, minimalist footwear, barefoot running, and other running related topics. Also has an interesting podcast.

Predawn Runner - Well-written, mostly nontechnical running articles and product reviews for runners. Advocates predawn running  to better integrate running into a busy life.

SeekingBostonMarathon - Blog of a self-proclaimed 'average guy who tripped into running' as an adult. Ty chronicles his running life in prose & video, from Denver to Boston and points elsewhere and between, also offering often hard won and down-to-earth training advice.

The Science of Running - Runner, exercise scientist, and coach Steve Magness does a great job critically evaluating the "science of running." Though sometimes too technical for some tastes, if you want to learn not only the how, but the why of running, this is a good place to start.

Strength Running - Author is a strong runner, frustrated by recurring injuries, until a long injury time-out allowed him a chance to learn how to run healthy, and he shares his knowledge and experience on his blog, and through his coaching services. Check it out.

Resurrected Runner - This is the description from Colin Hayes' blog: "Just a guy in his forties getting back into running after a several year layoff due to chronic injuries. I never thought I'd run again, but just completed my first marathon on May 15, 2010...with more to come!" This blog is part information and part humor. I'd probably follow it even if it wasn't about running. Truly hilarious - check out his videos.

Know of another blog, or have your own, which you think rank among the top 10-20 running blogs? Let me know by leaving the link and any notes you have as a comment below.  Cheers!


  1. Thanks for the mention Mark - honored by the company as well!

  2. You're welcome Greg. I enjoy your writing and the content of your posts. Cheers.

  3. While I may not make the top 20 since I am a new blogger, I'd appreciate any comments you have about it...I'm new at this :)

  4. Congratulations on making the top 100 running blogs. I just began my running blog in April 2011 and just posted my twenty-fifth blog. My focus is on motivation, inspiration and running longevity, but I also touch on technical aspect of running and even review running books. If you like what you see, I invite you to link to myfirst5K. I would be glad to reciprocate. Happy trails.

  5. As an afterthought to my recent comment. One of my two running awards was a Run The Rockies Half Marathon in Frisco, CO. Coincidentially, a gentleman from Fort Collins, CO finished ahead of me by seconds. At this stage of my life, I'm happy to just finish.


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