Running From...

What are you running from?
(A compilation of photoshopped images of myself and friends on twitter and dailymile)
FoCo Runner is pursued by a rhino
FoCo Runner and rhino finishing Crossroads 5K
FoCo Runner and Rhino running the Crossroads 5K
FoCo Runner and rhino finishing the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon
FoCo Runner and rhino finishing the Bacon Strip 10 Miler
Geri Lynn borrows the rhino
David putting the hurt on Ryan Hall
Ellen Finishing the crossroads with a large arachnid in hot pursuit. She's ready to turn that sucker into SPAM.
Irv is unaware of the slug drafting him
FoCo Runner and rhino running on water at Fossil Creek Park, Fort Collins
Jodi has "issues" with feet
Jon's issues are prehistoric
Kathy and Haley got a surprise from Santa
Brian got a similar surprise, but he was not impressed
Melodie had a Goodyear (tire that is)
Michelle was surprised to run into an aggressive kangaroo, but she was determined to dispatch the beast to protect those behind her. 
Shared Photo
Brett likes to challenge himself
Peter (runblogger) also decided to race the bulls in Pamplona
Hey Peter! You just qualified for Boston! Now  what are you going to do? (is that a machete in your hand?)
Samantha's personal space is invaded by one of her adoring fans
... and they said bigfoot wasn't real... and that there was a strange glitch in the race clock that subtracted an hour from his time
Karen, pursued by the cookie monster, was driven to a HUGE PR in her marathon
Bigfoot makes another appearance behind Sarah
Marty had a difficult time holding off this ostrich jockey
Sean discovers what's been following him
Stacia and Karen - seriously though, clowns are scary
Steve enjoys beer. Is that a Double Dog he's carrying?
Thomas doing some work at the track. Go fast, turn left...
Distracted by the photographer, William fails to see the warning signs
Don likes to swim dangerously
Kathy gets a little help from a friend
FoCo Runner - winter training
FoCo Runner - summer training
Mike takes  saving opossums seriously, and they love him for it
Frustrated wookie invades photo shoot
Ellen sometimes underestimates her abilities
Fast turkeys...  And the birds ain't slow either!
Jay is fond of Root Beer, especially DAD's, seriously
Dogs are scary, but Heather was blissfully unaware of her plight. Still, being bowled over by scruffy at the finish was better than being caught unaware by a Duraflame log at the Warrior Dash
Andy has more fun on his birthdays than most
Francesco checks his watch more often than his rearview mirror
Lynn flees the ROUS
Farra felt like something was watching, and later asked "Who's the cougar in this shot?"
Strawberry narrowly escapes the clutches of the diabolical (and hungry) giant hamster to finish the race
This is how the Garmin Virtual Partner mocks me
Greg S. at the annual "Running of the Yak"

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