About Me

I am a scientist and a fitness enthusiast. As a scientist, animal physiology is among my specialties, and I have studied locomotion and conducted research on physiological responses to exercise in small mammals. This has given me a solid technical background in exercise physiology, energetics, and somewhat in biomechanics (one of my great interests nowadays). I plan to put all (or most) of the more technical stuff aside for the purposes of this blog, and focus more on the fitness enthusiast in me than the science geek. As a fitness enthusiast, I am primarily interested in running. My more technical posts will also continue to be housed at another blog/website, Be Fit Now, while the FoCo Runner blog (this one) will be broader in scope, and contain more personal stuff as well. There will be some overlap, but for the posts here I will try to write in layman's terms, and skip the science jargon as much as possible. I hope to have a little fun with this.

I make no promises about post frequency, or whatever. I post when I either feel like saying something or feel like I have something that warrants sharing.

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